THE PRINCIPLE:  All human beings ultimately desire and even need to be touched.  Touch is a universal affirmation of being and of being valued.   Touch is both the expression and the recognition of the inherent condition of relatedness that precedes and pervades the world’s often fearful and heartbreaking appearances of separation.  Touch is the direct, physical extension of our capacity to feel, and it is only in the domain of feeling that we are healed.

Resting hands on the body in order to aid healing is a basic, ancient expression of this wisdom:  touch is not only a human need, but an even necessary part of psycho-physical healing.  In Resting Hands, we resort to this simple, powerful practice.

THE FORMAT:   The group meets weekly, and the format may vary somewhat with the number of people present.  However, in general, meetings begin with a brief period of meditation and reading.  Treatment recipients - usually all present - may share about specific areas they want held in prayer or positive intention. The group then rests hands for 5-10 minutes on each person who wishes it.

THE RULES:  Resting Hands is open to anyone who wishes to give or receive supportive touch. All that is required is cooperation and ongoing adherence to five ground rules:

1. No one is ever required to touch or to be touched in any way that s/he experiences as intrusive – or even required to touch or be touched at all.

2. Touch that primarily expresses, or flirts with primarily expressing, sexual desire or intent is not allowed.

3. Universally and intuitively-recognized erogenous zones are not touched.

4. No recreational drugs or alcohol.

5. Appropriate, respectful hygiene and dress.